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Filming in China Solutions

Filming in China? Welcome to, we are a team of producers based in China and work closely with the local film production talents, since 2013 we have been operating our business here, our clients include the major media company, fortune 500 companies and a lot of production houses that require local production support.

Filming in China support

We not only provide the equipment you need, we also provide the all around support that might potentially cause issues to your project, whenever our clients contact us, our producers always ask the right questions, so our clients can take their time to prepare what is necessary for the shoot in China, our years of experience is just a phone call/email away, we can be around your film set, or we can stay on demand while you need us.

Film Production in China

What’s film production like in China? The film production in China is quite common apart from the content types are strict ed, there is no specific union for film industry here.

You can find most common film crew and film equipment hiring here, but when it comes to something very new, you can find trouble finding them.

Locations in China can be very expensive sometimes, especially some fancy spots in the cities, it’s always down to your project and your location manager’s ability to negotiate with the location owner/company.

There is a lot more about film production in China, feel free to contact us if you have any other questions:

China Event Cameraman

china event cameraman

Event cameraman in China? We are here to help, our event cameraman team across China can be your go-to team when you need event coverage. We have bilingual cameraman that can save your time for communication, we also have a team of great in house producers that listen & pick up all the event details to brief every cameraman.

Celebrity Interview and concert videos.

Why choose us?

Since 2013, we have been helping some big cross country events with their event coverage, and they have been coming back to us every year.

By carefully planning and communication, we make sure every details in the event is clearly notified to our cameraman and film crew members, our clients don’t want to miss a great moment, that’s why we are always so cautious.

Corporate Event videos.

Professional & Reliable

Throughout the years, we helped hundreds of clients, make sure their event highlight moments are shot nicely and sells the stories, we learned so much from our clients and our network of crews, we are living in a era where everyone knows so much and we can easily combine everyone’s knowledge and create something new.

Further more, our team is here to give our clients plan B, and that’s what we believe in it’s important to every project. We are not a one man band company or agency, we have a solid team that speaks English and have international production experience, we are here with our clients, and every time clients has a new request, we are ready to sort them out.

Sports Event coverage.
Interview the famous sports athletes? We do this all the time.
Company’s corporate event video.

During event, we can also shoot some nice interviews.

You can check out more of our showreel.

also we are available in Email:

Hire cameraman in China

Are you looking for cameraman in China? Since 2013, we have been operating our production house in Shanghai, our goal is to help our clients with their shoot in China, whether it’s video production or photography services, our actual production experience and solid crew resources have proven to be essential.

China Local Cameraman

Our cameraman team is consist of cinematographer that done high end TV commercials and feature films, videographer that familiar with production for different formats of content, and the camera crews that travel light for documentaries and corporate video content. We work together for many years and always push ourselves to do more challenges.

Why work with us?

Because we always deliver, our team of producers stay on top of the production network and technology to save our client’s hassle.

Feel free to check out our showreel.

Hire Cameraman for Corporate Video Shoot

Shanghai cameraman

Are you trying to shoot a corporate video in Shanghai China (or somewhere else in China)? Whether you are looking for hiring cameraman for your corporate video, or need some production support for your shoot, we have done it many times and here to assist.

Shanghai based cameraman for corporate video shoot

Corporate video is so popular these days, our cameraman based in Shanghai knows what it takes to capture the great results, since 2013 we started to produce and direct corporate videos for our clients, we have been working closely with our cameraman to adapt the filming process for corporate video, adding value to the client’s final product, at the same time we keep our crew size small and mobile, so we can easily move into the different environment, for us, it’s never about using big camera and big gear set up to impress clients, we impress our clients by our final videos and efficiency.

Our previous corporate video work, done with our cameraman based in Shanghai.

Previous work for Microsoft 360

Corporate Event video:

Hotel Launching video

Shanghai Cameraman Video Showreel

shanghai cameraman

Looking for Shanghai cameraman for your next video shoot? We work closely with the Shanghai local cameraman and film crew , our full time in house producer team is always here to answer your question and pick up all the details.

Shanghai is quite great for commercial film production, same as corporate video since Shanghai is designed to be the commercial financial hub.

Shanghai cameraman
Shanghai cinematographer at work

We have videographer in Shanghai for different types of filming, whether you want us to film some interview for corporate, or a big scale TVC, we have done it with our cameraman and we are here to help you.

Our Film Crew specialize in Commercial, Corporate Film/Videos:

We work with the Shanghai videographer that knows about filmmaking. When it comes to corporate video and commercial, they spend time on setting up the scene to make the shot look cinematic.

Previous work: Brand Film.

Previous work: Brand Film.

Do you want to create some videos for your brand? We work with clients to produce quality video/film for their marketing and other purposes. Our team consists of directors, cinematographers and producers.

About Shoot In China

Established in 2012, [SIC] is crowning acheivement of a 15 year production partnership between Clark Wang and Matt Clarke (no relation). We set up Shoot in China to utilise our knowledge and experience of video production in China to provide a higher quality, better value service for international clients.

Over the last decade we’ve delivered more than 1600 projects ranging from high end TVC’s, film and documentary shoots to simple one day shoots, equipment rentals and logistical support for visiting crews.

As a boutique production house we’ve cultivated a high quality bilingual crew, equipment and logistics network to ensure that filming in China is a smooth process with outstanding results.

[SIC] is proud to be the Chinese member of the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers.