Filming in China Solutions

Filming in China? Welcome to, we are a team of producers based in China and work closely with the local film production talents, since 2013 we have been operating our business here, our clients include the major media company, fortune 500 companies and a lot of production houses that require local production support.

Filming in China support

We not only provide the equipment you need, we also provide the all around support that might potentially cause issues to your project, whenever our clients contact us, our producers always ask the right questions, so our clients can take their time to prepare what is necessary for the shoot in China, our years of experience is just a phone call/email away, we can be around your film set, or we can stay on demand while you need us.

Film Production in China

What’s film production like in China? The film production in China is quite common apart from the content types are strict ed, there is no specific union for film industry here.

You can find most common film crew and film equipment hiring here, but when it comes to something very new, you can find trouble finding them.

Locations in China can be very expensive sometimes, especially some fancy spots in the cities, it’s always down to your project and your location manager’s ability to negotiate with the location owner/company.

There is a lot more about film production in China, feel free to contact us if you have any other questions: