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Shooting In China and looking for China local Cameraman to Hire? We work closely with the professional local Chinese cameraman and local foreign cameraman and crew across China. With years of actual film production experience in China, our producer team will make it happen for you.

China Cameraman
We have years of production experience in China, feel free to get in touch with us for your production needs in China.

Hiring Video Crew With us?

Finding the right Chinese camera crew can be tricky, we are here to make it easy for our clients, since 2013, we set up our company in Shanghai and we aim to assist any clients shoot in China, with our local operation office and full time in house producers, we have kept a great relationship with all our crews across China.

We set up film shoot for our clients throughout the years, thus our experience is very handy when our clients need to handle their production in China. We arrange the right crew for the right project, and we always deliver exactly what our clients need, our early communication make sure every detail of the shoot is covered, so there is no last minute panic for our clients.

China Cameraman hire
China local Cameraman hire for your next shoot in China, we can help you with the shoot in most major cities in China, save your crew’s flight cost and travel days.

We Have Options

It’s not easy when you try to pull off a project overseas, especially in a country where language and culture is different, our producers team handles the early communication very carefully, we make sure our cameraman understand and well briefed.

Whether it’s event, interviews, corporate videos, commercial, we have done it and would love to help our clients to create more.

Tech & Internet Guru

Uploading the footage from China to anywhere can be a struggle, as the internet in China is stricted, we are well equipped with right web engineer to develop the method to transfer huge files to your servers, or we can also quickly set up a servers that’s in your country for you to download them quickly.

Feel free to send us an email and ask us for more showreel and quote: