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Chengdu Cameraman Showreel

Chengdu Cameraman

Our Chengdu cameraman and videographer team has been busy during May for San Francisco Opera, shooting part of this video for their film with Zheng Meigui, a young and talented opera singer. We handle the local Chengdu production and with the Shanghai production team helping remotely.

If you need filming services in Chengdu, our local production team in Chengdu has the experience and resource with foreign production and remote shoot.

Chengdu Cameraman
We help clients with their filming in Chengdu Sichuan Province. Bilingual Chengdu Videographer
Chengdu videographer
Whether it’s full production or single videographer & two camera interview shoot, we have all the resources you need when it comes to filming.

How We Handle Client’s Film Production in China During COVID-19

Since Covid-19 started in 2020, the video production industry has been hit badly all around the world. There is no exception in China, as a production house with 10 years history, we understand we had to help our clients with a better and more flexible solution when they shoot in China. Since travelling to China is no longer an option, how can our clients still operate their film production project in China?

Here is what we did and we hope these experience can be helpful.

Film Production China
Shooting a sports commercial in Shanghai remotely with our clients from USA.

China Local Film Production Crew Resources

Before Covid, we been helping the cameraman&director from abroad with their production in China. Whether it’s dry camera & lighting equipment rental, or full crew support. Now almost 3 years past, the most shoot we have done are either remote shooting or shooting with our local crew.

Thanks to our great production resources, we have a great network of local camera crew and production staff across China. We have managed to do some high end commercial remotely, at the same time with a variety of corporate, documentaries for our clients who can’t send crew travelling to China when they used to.

We handle different scale shooting, including corporate interviews.

Fast & Details Responsive Communication

Doing any remote film production in China can be challenging, we never mind spending extra time on the request that require a lot of pre production & research, giving our that extra step means our clients can oversee the possibility of the project in China, without spending the budget that can turn into unwanted results.

We have done a lot of different types of project since 2013, our team of producers consists of native English speaker, and bilingual ones, we work in the same office and make sure every client’s questions get answered in the end of the day/agreed time frame.

Film Production in China
We handle different scale of projects, from commercial, corporate to documentaries, or any types of production involves in production.

Tech Support is Essential

Working in China film production industry means solving constant technical issues, especially when we dealing with the remote shooting, large footage files transfer, we were lucky to be able to work with the clients that willing to spend time testing all these before the shoot.

Now with all the projects successfully shot in China during the past couple years, we are very confident to answer our clients’ requests.

Shooting Piaggio’s latest global photo and video campaign.

In the end, we hope the world will be opening again soon, so everything can be back to normal like the old days.

We are here to answer your questions if you need to shoot in China.

Contact us today:

Caméraman local en Chine | Vidéaste chinois | Équipe de tournage

Tournage en Chine et recherche d’un caméraman/vidéaste local à embaucher ? Besoin d’un caméraman à Shanghai, Pékin ou Shenzhen ? Nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec le cameraman chinois local professionnel et le cameraman et les équipes de tournage étrangers locaux à travers la Chine. Avec des années d’expérience dans la production de films en Chine, notre équipe de producteurs s’en chargera pour vous.

Caméraman local en Chine Shanghai
Shoot In China Team On Set

Caméraman en Chine, Embauche de cameraman à Shanghai, Vidéaste Chine à embaucher

Nous avons des années d’expérience dans la production en Chine, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour vos besoins de production en Chine.

Embaucher une équipe vidéo avec nous ?

Premièrement, trouver la bonne équipe de tournage chinois peut être difficile, nous sommes là pour faciliter la tâche à nos clients. Depuis 2013, nous avons créé notre société à Shanghai et nous visons à aider tous les clients à tourner en Chine, avec notre bureau d’exploitation local et nos producteurs internes à temps plein, nous avons maintenu d’excellentes relations avec toutes nos équipes à travers la Chine.

Deuxièmement, nous avons mis en place des tournages pour nos clients au fil des années. Ainsi, notre expérience est très utile lorsque nos clients ont besoin de gérer leur production en Chine. Nous organisons la bonne équipe pour le bon projet et nous livrons toujours exactement ce dont nos clients ont besoin, notre communication précoce garantit que chaque détail du tournage est couvert, afin qu’il n’y ait pas de panique de dernière minute pour nos clients.

Embauche de caméraman en Chine, Cameraman à Shanghai, Vidéaste en Chine

Embauche de cameraman à Shanghai pour votre prochain tournage en Chine.

Nous avons différentes options pour les vidéastes chinois

Que vous recherchiez un caméraman de Shanghai ou un caméraman de Pékin, nous sommes là pour vous aider. Nos caméraman/vidéaste chinois sont parmi les plus talentueux de Chine.

Ce n’est pas facile lorsque vous essayez de réaliser un projet à l’étranger, surtout dans un pays où la langue et la culture sont différentes, notre équipe de producteurs gère très soigneusement la première communication, nous nous assurons que notre vidéaste/caméraman chinois comprend et est bien informé.

Qu’il s’agisse d’événements, d’interviews, de vidéos d’entreprise, de publicités, nous l’avons fait et aimerions aider nos clients à créer plus.

Gourou de la technologie et de l’Internet

Le téléchargement des matérieaux de la Chine vers les autres pays peut être difficile, car Internet en Chine est strict, nous sommes bien équipés avec l’ingénieur Web approprié pour développer la méthode de transfert de fichiers volumineux vers vos serveurs, ou nous pouvons également configurer rapidement un serveur qui est dans votre pays pour que vous puissiez les télécharger rapidement.

N’hésitez pas à nous envoyer un e-mail et à nous demander plus de showreel et de devis :

#Shanghai Chine Embauche d’équipes de tournage

China Video Shooting Company

Are you looking for China video shooting company? Since 2013, we have been helping our clients video shooting needs across China, we have long term partnership with professional Chinese cameraman, cites such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing and beyond. We are based in Shanghai and have been operating our business successfully for years.

Please check out our showreel, and let us know if you have any questions.

China Video Shooting Company
We are the go-to video shooting company for many fortune 500 companies and international media corps in China.

Professional China Video Shooting Company

When it comes to video shooting, the most important thing is to deliver high quality videos. Our old clients keep coming back to us because we always try our best to achieve that goal. Our Chinese cameraman are all familiar with the industry standard, such as setting up the right exposures, smooth moving shots, and always try their best to shoot the video with cinematic mindset.

Aside from that, we communicate with clients thoroughly, before the shoot or during the shoot. We make sure all the requirements from clients are fully carried out during the shoot.

We have the most advanced camera equipment and lighting kits fulfills client’s shooting needs, whether it’s a Arri, Red, Canon or Sony, Blackmagic camera, we got you covered.

China Video Shooting Company
Our producer Matt came from UK.

The Benefit of Hiring Our video shooting services

Our core team consists of international director and local bilingual producers, we have been living and working in China for a long time. We know about China and we provide all the info to our clients in first hand. The fast response will make our clients get what they need, fast.

We understand the international production and have cooperated with hundreds of clients. With all the experience we gained over the years, we can easily ask the right questions in every first communication with our clients, this has always been the time saver for our clients.

If you are searching for China Video Shooting Company, feel free to contact us:

#Chinese cameraman hire

Local Cameraman Videographer Cinematographer for Hire

Looking for Shanghai based cameraman to hire? Videographer based in China? Or a top notch cinematographer in China? We have worked with a lot of local cameramen thus our camera crew options can give our clients a lot of creative freedom when it comes to shooting their content in Shanghai, our previous film production experience can help our clients set up their shoot fast and easy.

cameraman hire in China

Hire Well trusted Cameraman based in Shanghai

Some of our local cameraman speaks English and they have great experience in video production, their lighting knowledge allow them to set up the lighting on set quick and easy, and the most important, the quality of the footage will not be sacrificed, so your schedule for your guest speakers interviews will be much more flexible, thus you have a lot more time to prepare the interviews.

Our cameraman knows a lot about equipment too, they are the video expert as they keep using the best equipment in the market, so we can always deliver some extra space for post production. Apart from that, their experience during the past allow them to be very flexible, together with them, we know what questions to ask our clients before the project starts, so we can see potential issues and solve them before the production happens.

China cameraman for hire - Shanghai Beijing Shenzhen Guangzhou Hong Kong Yunnan Sanya Anhui

Hire Cameraman that knows what it takes

We understand the importance of deliver high quality footage to our clients, with a great amount of international production experience, our cameraman know what it takes to achieve the great results, whether it’s the equipment, the set up, the lighting, or the smart using of the natural day light, it’s all part of their skillset, we have helped our clients since 2013, when the camera was still using tapes and lighting were very heavy you need a few grips every single shoot.

Our cameraman work constantly on different types of projects, they keep learning the new techniques to capture the stunning visuals for clients, in a way they are the artist on set, getting amazing shots by playing the magic of lights.

Hire Shanghai cameraman from us

We adapt our Equipment based on Shooting

Nowadays, we have adapt the shoot for the market and clients, your shooting location is in the downtown office building? No problem, our gears are compact and multi-functions, same as our crew members, when we work with our clients, we match the right size crew to the project, no over charging so our clients can save the time & budget.

Shanghai Cameramen Hire -Hire Cameramen in Shanghai Q&A

Shanghai Cameramen Hire

Shanghai Cameraman Hire? Hire Cameraman in China? We have shot countless projects for our clients in China, whether it’s commercial, Corporate Video, Documentaries or Event coverage, our experience and high level of camera work skills will help your next shoot in China.

Hire Cameraman in Shanghai
What’s the cost/price of hire a cameramen in Shanghai?

The basic cameraman who covers the event and interviews can be between 400USD to 800USD
The experienced cameraman who knows about lighting (also called lighting cameraman) is between 600USD to 1000USD
The cameraman/DOP for commercials is between 1500USD to no top limit.

Does your Shanghai cameramen speak English?

We have a bunch of bilingual cameraman who speaks English fluently, they are mostly in big cities as their education background is slightly higher than other cameraman.

What’s the working hours for a cameraman?

In China, the working hours for a film crew is usually 8-10 hours, if the production requires longer hours, the over time rate is based on the hour rate.

What is the travel day rate for a cameraman?

When it’s a travel day, the cost for a cameraman is half day rate, this can includes some scouting and travel, but the cameraman is not paid for the filming that day.

What camera does your Shanghai cameramen use?

We use different brands of camera depends on the client’s request, our preference is Sony and Canon, as some of their models are build in quality and comes with a great set of tools ready to shoot.
We also use Arri, Red, Blackmagic if clients want to have a full cinematic set up.

Why working with our Shanghai cameramen?

Because our Shanghai cameramen got skills and experience, with years of shooting on site, our experience and knowledge will save your time and budget when it comes to shooting in China.

Shanghai Cameraman Hire

If you have any other questions regarding our cameraman, feel free to get in touch:

Hiring a Cameraman in Shanghai: What You Need To Know

When you shoot In China remotely, hiring a cameraman in Shanghai obviously is the wise idea, our China based cameraman options can be your shortcut, over the last 10 years, we worked with cinematographer, cameraman talents across China, whether it’s videographer based in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, or even some small cities like Hangzhou, Suzhou, Hefei etc, our cameraman network spread across China.

Cameraman in Shanghai

What is the difference between a camera man and a cinematographer?

There’s a big difference between being a cameraman and a cinematographer, especially when it comes to specific jobs such as shooting in China, it’s not so simple to refer the work. Just to clarify, a camera man will work directly for an assignment with no fear of criticism and high expectation. On the other hand, a cameraman will take responsibility to create all images and video clips of that project. Cameraman in China will need to invest up to 10 years to learn new skills and knowledge to really be called a professional video cameraman. That’s why the choice of a cameraman is very important because a camera man can shoot for a film, a TV, a corporate video, photography or other video shooting.

Our cameraman knows how to take advantages of the locations to make your finals look stunning.

Why should I hire a cameraman in China?

Specialized shooting in different cities, different locations, off-location shooting, or on-location shoot. Foreign experts who really know their craft and with great creativity. Time to schedule from your end. An individual from their country who have the technical knowledge of the technical stuff, or they are someone with good knowledge of the cultures, habits, and people of the city where they are going to work, or the city where they are going to shoot. Often times, a Chinese producer, director, or editor, has many ideas and many things to sort out on the scene, while the foreign team have only the written and legal aspects. So, having a foreigner working for you gives you some extra freedom. Are there any other benefits?

Shooting Greenscreen is not difficult at all.

How do I hire a cameraman in China?

How to hire a cameraman for Chinese commercials? here are 3 easy steps: 1. Look for the best of the best in China, you will be surprised by the high quality of the top cameraman crews, pick an experienced cameraman that can deliver good results for you;

2.You need to talk directly to them, choose wisely, you may also need to observe the work of these cameramen yourself, so that you get a fair idea of the cameraman’s abilities;

3.Always have a PPM (PPM: Pre production meeting, usually it’s the meeting between clients and production company) before you start the project, so you can communicate clearly with the cameraman what do you expect them to capture during your project.

Setting up interview, is a very easy task for our cameraman.

What should I know before hiring a cameraman?

Most Camera crews are hired at the beginning of a project and then go on to work on subsequent shoots. You have to consider how many shoots you have in mind as you work on casting to make sure your sourcing the right talent. When you’re in China, always make sure to get to know your local crew and look for strong chemistry. (Hong Kong, to be specific, is notorious for this). This is especially important if your project requires long days (all of them included), and you will need strong interpersonal skills. What are the qualities of a good cameraman? It’s one thing to hire a great freelancer, but it’s a whole different story when you’re putting together a talented camera team who can’t tolerate each other.

hiring shanghai cameraman  allow you to shoot different types of projects.


To hire a camera crew in China, you must first understand the camera equipment, product and pricing in Shanghai, if you don’t have a camera, you can ask friend who might have one, or go and buy one yourself, once you have one, you can begin your journey in film making. For more videos from Shoot In China feel free to get in touch:

How To Find Shanghai Cameraman

As a professional video production company, we offer a wide range of videography and photography services in Shanghai China. We specialize in a wide range of videography and photography services, including corporate video production, commercial video production, event video production, and more. We have a creative team of in-house Shanghai cameraman and photographers, who offer professional quality work on a variety of services.

Shanghai Cameraman

Why choose us?

Because we are a video production company, Our videographers are experienced professionals who can do great work at a range of budgets. Our services is on a reasonable budget, and you are able to work with our videographers. We can start with a meeting that would not otherwise exist, and can help clients bridge their creative gaps and produce stunning videos and photographs. Because of our network of in-house creative talent, we can effectively and quickly resolve client needs. Our staff of videographers and photographers is 100% dedicated to your production project. They will develop a strategy for capturing your video and photography requirements and work closely with you to create the best possible production for your needs. You can contact us and schedule a meeting, or simply tell us what you want to achieve, and we will find the best Shanghai videographer and photographer for your needs.

What we offer

What we offer is unique and exclusive to us. That means that as a video production company, we know how to go beyond the common budget constraints and come up with creative ways to offer you the exact service that you need. In Shanghai, it is very hard to find an excellent videographer for any type of project. But, with the services and video equipment that we offer, we can help you out of this predicament and ensure that you get the best service out of our team. On top of that, we also offer some interesting benefits such as: Professional advice and feedback Our staff is experienced and passionate about their work. This gives them an advantage over other videographers.

Our Shanghai Cameraman

Whether you are looking for low-budget, high-quality videography in Shanghai China, professional video production for your corporate videos, wedding videos, or creating a compilation video of your works, we are the video production company you need to meet your needs. In this article, we provide a detailed description of our in-house videographers & photographers, and point you in the direction of the videographer or photographer that we would recommend for your needs. Shanghai cameraman In a single word, “camera man” is perhaps the most influential member of any small business videography team. What does that mean? It simply means that the person you choose to be your “camera man”, or “video director”, will determine whether you succeed or fail in your production.

How to choose the best Shanghai Cameraman for you

When it comes to selecting a cameraman for your business, we offer these tips: Choose the right professional for your video We recommend working with a Shanghai Videographer, who will be the right choice for your video production requirements. Our in-house videographers are all experts in their field. Only choose a Shanghai Videographer if you are 100% sure that they are the right professional for your video production requirements. Shanghai Videographers have an established reputation as professionals in the field. By selecting a professional videographer, you will be working with an experienced professional, who will take good care of your video production needs. When you select a Shanghai videographer, you will also have the opportunity to visit the place they are working.


This article was published to share some great photography and videography tips for your Shanghai photography business. Videography and photography play a large role in the success of any business. If you are serious about producing high quality and effective photography or videography, you can contact us:

Shanghai China Cameraman Hire

Searching for Shanghai China based Cameraman? Hire Shanghai China cameraman from us for your next shoot! We have years of experience in video production, we are not only providing the cameraman options, but also the production support for your video shoot needs.

Shanghai China based Cameraman Hire
Small space is not a issue, see the result here.
This was the shoot we did remotely with the director from USA.

Professional cameraman based in Shanghai China

Whether you are shooting a corporate video, or simply a interview plus some broll, you want to hire a cameraman who knows the best.

Over the years, Shoot In China team have worked with variety of cameraman across China, whether it’s big cities or small cities, we make sure that we match the most suitable cameraman options to our clients.

Since 2013, we have been helping our clients with their project in China, our team understand that when it comes to production, time is very important, having a right cameraman will help not only on capturing the footage, but also providing the early communication to get a sense of the project, estimate the shooting schedule.

Shanghai China Cameraman Hire
Our cameraman knows what it takes to control the lighting on set, match your previous shoot setting.

Shoot In China is your Short Cut For Your Shoot In China

Hire Shanghai China cameraman from us, we are not only offering you the cameraman options alone, our years of production experience will make sure your project is ready to shoot, or not, our team consist of native English speaking producers, and local fixers who has been working on international production for years, this will potentially save you a lot of time for your project.

Whether you are shooting a commercial, a corporate video, an interview, or a part of your documentary, our team is here to help you, finding you the suitable cameraman options, we are not only covering Shanghai, our network of cameraman can cover your shoot in most area in China.

Shanghai China Cameraman Hire
Our cameraman options are vary, from commercials to corporate video, documentary, event, and all sorts of format.

So next time when you looking for Shanghai China based Cameraman to Hire, Feel free to get in touch and ask for the latest showreel and quote.

China Cameraman Hire

China Cameraman Hire

Searching for cameraman in China? Please take a few minutes to check out our showreel and let us know if we have the right level for your next shoot in China, we started our production house in Shanghai in 2013 and aim to provide all the production support needs to our clients coming into China.

China Cameraman Hire
Our cameraman based in China in the scene.

Why working with our cameraman in China?

Our cameraman are based in China, in different cities and provinces, with some native English speaking options and a lot of local Chinese who speaks fluent English, on top of that, we as a team from Shoot In China will provide all the essential early communication for clients, make it even easier for your production in China.

All of our cameraman works in the industry for years, and we work with them from time to time on different projects, the relationship we build up over the years will make sure we deliver quality services every time.

We provided the whole production support to our clients in Shanghai.

One of our project in Beijing, helping clients getting the footage in the city with their KOL, our cameraman put effort to shot the whole thing in one day.

Hire Local cameraman, with local & international working experience

China Cameraman Hire
When you are on set, cameraman needs to lead the team, and set up everything quickly.

Experience matters, so does the ability to work with the crews without barriers, our cameramen are based in China, their experience can be valuable for every project, we bring in our experience to our clients so they can avoid uncommon issues in China.

When it comes to the actual shooting, our clients don’t have to worry about the communication with the team, as our producers and cameraman will be handling it, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

China Cameraman Hire
Shooting Hainan Business Travel Promo in Sanya 2020

Local Production experience is essential

When you work with our cameraman, he is not alone, we are here to help too. Shoot In China team is dedicated to provide high value performance services to all of our clients, that’s why we set up our office in Shanghai and constantly travel to different cities to help our clients’ project, we will show up in every project that clients requires, from dropping the film camera, equipment, to manage the production, or handle some visa/permit on the locations.

Every project is important to us, because it matters to our clients, our team know what it takes to make things happen in China, our previous experience includes the commercials, corporate video, documentary, branded content and social media format content, VR 360, and more, we have worked with famous celebrities and busy CEOs, and we also follow some interesting characters in their life for days, we work with the creators as a team to make it easy for them.

China Cameraman Hire
Great vibe matters too, we work hard so everyone can enjoy the shooting.