Shanghai Cameraman hire

Shanghai Cameraman

Looking for Shanghai cameraman options? We are here to help, our Shanghai local cameramen work with us for years, we offer different cameraman for different clients, as we know that these days there are too many different projects require different style.

Cameraman for Corporate Video & Interviews

Corporate video and interview shoot require a much more mobile team, thus the cameraman needs to set up the lighting quickly and familiar with the Ronin system. Our cameraman knows not only the lighting, but also know how to direct the people in limited time and access to the locations.

Our cameraman/DOP for corporate video shoot is well experienced camera operators, they work on documentary, news report, corporate video content through out the years, thus their experience is suitable for clients who need to shoot in factory, office, rural area, and their well prepared on-the-go kits is designed to travel far and frequently, giving you the possibilities to capture content in remote area.

We helped our clients with this video, with the given indication on the B-roll, our cameraman will save the space for post production graphics. You can also see how nicely the lighting was done in a small office space.
Setting up the on site timelapse for construction, interviews on site, access in tough conditions, our hardworking cameraman will make sure you get enough nice footage to sell your story.

Cameraman/Cinemaphotographer for Commercial/Branded Content/Fashion Shoot

When it comes to the high end content creation, clients usually need much higher quality footage, this is when Cinemaphotographer comes in handy, not only take their time to perfect the lighting, but also plan the shots much more carefully.

Our cinemaphotographers are the solutions for your high end shooting in China, they are bilingual, hardworking and know how to make everything look cinematic.

We worked with our beloved cinemaphotographer on this project, our clients worked with us on this shoot remotely.
The Beijing part of the shoot was done with our cinemaphotographer based in Beijing, with the limited access, he still managed to capture some great shots.
Great products need to be shown, our Shanghai cameraman will help you achieve that.

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