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If you are searching for Shanghai Local Cameraman, look no further, our cameraman and camera crews can be your ideal choices for your next Shoot In China. Since 2011, our team has been dedicated to help our clients with their projects in China, we provide production support services to wide range of format of production, our knowledge and experience can help our clients get great results.

Our Shanghai Local Cameraman’s recent work for BBC

This series of short documentaries were shot in 2020 during COVID, our Shanghai local cameraman Benny worked with our producer Clark Wang and Leon Chen, the director and producer were abroad, we travelled Yangzhou, Xinghua and Nanjing, the trip was packed but we had a really fun trip, and be able to travel to these great cities in Jiangsu, hearing the people’s story about their connection with the city, is priceless.

Thanks to the trust of our clients persistentproductions , they deserve all the credits for the great work.

Xinghua travel promo. – BBC STORYWORKS
Nanjing travel promo -BBC STORYWORKS
Yangzhou travel promo-BBC storyworks

Some behind the scene photos.

Shanghai Cameraman in Nanjing interview shoot, China cameraman
Remote shooting in Nanjing, producer Fiona interviewing the photographer & traveler Chen Zhiwen
China film crew on the move
Always travel light, we planned our video gear very carefully, so during the travel in the city we can move fast, save time during the day so we can catch the nice sunlight.
shooting interview in Xinghua, Jiangsu, China
Interview the Xinghua resident Mu Hongbin, who’s a fan of glide aerials.
Drone remote shooting Xinghua, Jiangsu, China, Shanghai local Cameraman hire
Even if we are thousands miles away from director and producer, our remote shooting solution made it easy for them to oversee the shooting, even if it’s drone filming, they can still see the live image, and communicate with us.
Shanghai local Cameraman hire
Shooting the Yangzhou contributor Natasha’s lovely family.
China film crew resting, Shanghai local Cameraman hire
And after the wrap, we try to save energy for the 2nd day filming.

Shanghai Local Cameraman hire

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