China DIT Services: Media Management & Live Grade

Our China DIT services offer more than just data management. At Shoot In China, we provide comprehensive solutions including live grade, real-time compositing, and media management to ensure your production runs smoothly from start to finish.

China DIT Services

On-Set DIT: Professional Solutions

Our professional DIT carts are equipped with essential tools for efficient data management and on-set post-production tasks. From media management to live grade and real-time compositing, our DITs deliver exceptional results to elevate your project. China DIT Services

Media Management: Organize, Store, Handle

Media management is crucial, and our DITs excel in this area. We ensure all your media assets are organized and handled meticulously throughout the production process, guaranteeing a seamless workflow. China DIT Services

Live Grade: Dailies Coloring Process

During the dailies coloring process, our DITs work closely with cinematographers and directors to establish the desired visual style for the project. Our live grade services provide immediate references, enhancing the creative decision-making process.

Real-Time Compositing: Seamless Integration

Our DITs excel in real-time compositing, seamlessly integrating video elements to create stunning visual effects. Whether it’s green screen compositing or live stream overlays, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life on set. China DIT Services

Quality Check & Data Storage: Ensure Integrity

We prioritize data integrity and perform quality control checks to ensure color grading accuracy. Graded dailies are delivered to post-production teams for further processing. Additionally, we use high-quality SSD drives for backup to ensure data integrity throughout the production process.

Rentals: DIT Carts & Workstations

Looking for rental services? We offer fully equipped DIT carts and workstations tailored to meet the demanding requirements of digital filmmaking and video production.

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