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China Remote Shooting Services Showreel

If you are looking for China Remote Shooting Services, feel free to contact us, we have done a few remote shooting in China last year, and with these remote shooting experience, we would love to assist your next remote shooting in China.

China TVC Commercial Remote Shooting

Working on commercial can be challenging, we helped our clients with their commercial remote shooting in China a few times in 2020, whether it’s in Shanghai or Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, our bilingual producers and DIT will make it happen for you.

Here is a commercial we done remotely with our client from the states, we have a couple more similar projects but currently in the post production, will update more once they are done.

China Remote Shooting
We shot this project for our clients in Sanya Hainan, we built the set, coordinate the production, set up the film crew and assist directed this commercial with the director in London, while take care of the celebrity for this shoot.

China Documentary Production Support

When it comes to documentary shoot, you will not only need a good fixer, but also a bilingual cameraman, as the limit of the crew size, it’s important to keep a fast pace during the shooting day.

We have done three episodes of BBC travel documentaries in JiangSu province last year, with only two days in each city, we managed to finished everything in time, and the results definitely speaks for themselves. The director did a great job planning the whole shoot, so he should take the credit for this.

Shoot In China team has been working hard since 2013, we focus on China production support and video production, our wide range of talent network will be your shortcut access to production resources in China.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question:

China Interview Shoot

Are you trying to do some interview shoot in China? With hundreds of shoot we’ve done in the past, we have gained great experience with interview filming, you can check out some of our previous interview work we done by a various of our cameraman across China.

We are a local Shanghai operation and our production network allow us to provide filming support across China.

Shanghai Local Cameraman Showreel

This is one of our Shanghai local cameraman showreel. We were honored to help our clients from Dubai to shoot part of their music video in Shanghai China, not only we shot the part, we managed to sourced the location in the last minute and made the whole shoot in less than 4 hours.

If you are looking for production support and hiring Shanghai film crew, feel free to get in touch with us. You can also check out more of our showreel here.